About the company

Indrem Elementmajad OÜ was founded in April 2005. The company is based on 100% Estonian capital. Indrem wishes to be a creator of positive life environment. Own home – this is a family round the dining-table, a glass of wine before the fireplace, cosy sauna nights with friends. Home is a place where it always feels good, and we would like to help you create your own home.

We Produce Wooden Element Houses

A wooden element house is advantageous, of high quality and quickly assembled. Our selection includes several standard house designs, and the assortment is widening continuously. In co-operation with our architect we also offer an opportunity to work out a design approach that best meets your needs. Elaborate projects and simple building techniques enable you to move into a new home 4-6 months after the construction permit has been issued.

Strong Team

We consider a purposeful and vigorous team, which respects customer-friendly sales policy and high-standard service culture, as the value of our organization. Our factory is situated at Aaspere, and the local operating team has excellent previous practical experience in assembling element houses.

We Are a Flexible Partner

Our desire is to be your flexible partner so that you could pick out just the right one from our continuously widening assortment of various house designs. Obtainers of a new home are considered as partners rather than customers as we would like to reach the best solution for each family all together. Partnership with a clear goal, consisting of mutual understanding, brings forth the most favourable outcome for both your
family and us so that we could take pride in our work. The houses steadily rise in the hands of our experienced workers all the way from the foundation to the roof. Our goal is to always keep our promises.

We Respect Your Time

Our work motto is “better sooner than late” which means that it is extremely important for us to respect your time and meet the deadlines. Prefabrication and assembling of the houses is entirely our patrimony, as a result of which it is possible to offer competitive price-quality ratio. You have an opportunity to observe the whole process together with the construction consultant who provides assistance in various matters arising.

Our Location

Our representative office is situated at Aaspere (80 km from Tallinn along the highway from Tallinn to St. Petersburg) where the house elements are also produced. Our intention is to open a sales department in Tallinn, and to invest in day-to-day production and completion of a new factory which would increase our production capacity.

According to the classifier of NACE, our main activity is: 20304.
According to the classifier of HS, our products are prefabricated buildings: 9406.